vendredi 18 juin 2010


Hi. For my second post, I think i need to introduce myself.
Not a lot to say about me, i'm someone who loves taking pictures. I use argentic, digital or even polaroid cameras. All are very different to use, and when I change a camera, it's just another way to see. In a way, i think my feelings change when i use one, or another camera.
I begun, near one year ago, doing self portraits. And i have to say i love it. Not by narcissism (my self portraits don't make me beautiful) but... it's something really intriguing, and i need to develop. Now, i would begin to work on my body, my naked body, and continue something begun with self portraits.
Next photos of myself, i also love walking on a city, and photographying what i see. Most of time, i use B&W. For this kind of photos, i think i have a naturalist way to see. I don't like preparing photos, i prefer taking a moment, and even if my photo is blurred, or too dark, i don't care. What i need most is something happen in front of the camera. I'm just here to capture and keep memories of a moment. Maybe, by taking these pictures, i also hope doing my life more poetic...
Well, I think i said all i had to say. Thanks for reading (if someone does), and hope you'll like.

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